Minutes and financial reports

Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports of the Dudleyville Fire District Governing Board are available for public download in PDF format. Approved minutes are posted once they have been reviewed and approved by the Governing Board as well as the Financial Reports. 

Board Minutes 092617.pdf Board Minutes 092617.pdf
Size : 854.894 Kb
Type : pdf
Board Minutes 082217.pdf Board Minutes 082217.pdf
Size : 638.533 Kb
Type : pdf
Board Minutes 062617.pdf Board Minutes 062617.pdf
Size : 1182.259 Kb
Type : pdf
Meeting 05.23.17.pdf Meeting 05.23.17.pdf
Size : 1265.746 Kb
Type : pdf
Financial Report 092617.pdf Financial Report 092617.pdf
Size : 333.315 Kb
Type : pdf
Financial Report 062617.pdf Financial Report 062617.pdf
Size : 343.927 Kb
Type : pdf